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Delta Omega Chapter | Case Western Reserve University

#MuMonday #WhyYouPhiMu

Bridget Hubbel


“Phi Mu is an amazing, beautiful puzzle of perfectly unique women who fit together and create the greatest thing ever. Each sister has a story, a strength, a one-of-a-kind sparkle, but together we are cheerleaders, mentors and an unconditional support system. This chapter has given me my best friends, my biggest fans, my wake-up calls, my greatest dance moves, and my drive to be a better scholar, sister and woman.” #WhyYouPhiMu - Bridget H. Our amazing sister Bridget is a 2nd year nursing major. Along with being rockstar in Phi Mu, she is on the planning team for Relay For Life, a first year guide for the Newman Center, works for the dean of the dental school, and serves on our Junior Executive Board! Some of her future goals include providing health care in developing countries and becoming a Detroit Tigers season ticket holder. Thanks for always putting a smile on our face Bridget! We're so lucky to call you our sister. LIOB

Olivia Hamm

Junior (former Academic Excellence Chair)

“As a freshman going into recruitment, I never would have guessed that Phi Mu would mean as much to me as it does now. Over the course of the last two years, I have been surrounded with the endless love and support of some of the most amazing women I know. They are strong, caring and smart, and have pushed me to find what I am truly passionate about. They've made me a better person. If it wasn't for the urging of an older sister and the support of my GrandBig, I never would have run for Exec, let alone have the honor as serving as the Phi Mu Academic Excellence Chairman. I never would have been able to develop into the leader that I see myself as now, I wouldn't be able to confidently speak with others and share my opinions, and I would not have developed the understanding and deep passion for Phi Mu that I have now. Phi Mu is a place where I was challenged to become the best version of myself. These women inspire me every day to push myself and become a strong woman. I encourage every woman to consider going Greek, because it's where you'll find role models, and people who will help you to find your passions, and chase them. I can't imagine my life without Phi Mu, without my sisters and without my hΦΜe away from hΦΜe.” ‪#‎WhyYouPhiMu‬ - Olivia H. Thanks for being such an awesome sister every day Olivia! We love you! LIOB

Frances DoRosario


A ‪#‎MuMonday‬ for my big that I'm lucky enough to also call my best friend

Emma Steele


"I went into formal recruitment having no intention of joining a sorority but right when I walked into Phi Mu, I knew it was the place for me. Phi Mu has given me a family away from home, provided me with support and helped me grow as an individual and as a leader!" ‪#‎WhyYouPhiMu‬ -Emma S. Emma is a senior nursing major from Radnor, Pennsylvania. She is also an incredible dancer and has served many roles in Phi Mu, including Vice President of Development and Parents & Alum chair. She says, "My favorite memory in Phi Mu is greek week, including variety show and pyramid my freshman year. I remember getting to know so many sisters this way and just bonded through sheer fun and determination. I never thought I would love crawling through mud at 11PM at night in 30 degree weather but it was so worth it for the girls I became close to."

Lauren Wichman


"I chose Christine Straka to be my big because she has been a role model for me since my first day at CWRU during preseason for soccer my freshman year. Favorite memories with her include playing soccer, cackling in the corner with no one else around, when she made me this jar saying "50 reasons why I love you," staying over my house, dancing and singing in the shower, and screaming PICKLE during every starting line up soccer intro." ‪#‎WhyYouPhiMu‬ -Lauren W. Lauren is such a superstar- In Phi Mu, she is our Membership Director and can't wait to recruit an amazing class of new Phi's! Outside of Phi Mu, Lauren is a captain on the Varsity Women's Soccer Team, Vice President of Mortar Board Senior College National Honors Society, and a Research Assistant in the Genetics Department at the Medical School. Her favorite part of Phi Mu is knowing that "Phi Mu is a place where I can be crazy and silly and know that girls will be doing the same exact thing right by my side."

Alicia Moody


#MuMonday Back to sisterhood retreat this semester where I realized that being in a sorority basically means you will never end up lost in the woods without being found, cabin bunk beds are NOT too small for two people (thanks Jenny Ibarra), adventures are countless, everyone has a story to be told, campfires are made perfect when you're surrounded by a perfect group of people, and I am surrounded by so many INCREDIBLE sisters and role models always.

Julie Oswald

Sophomore VP of Development

Always proud to be Phi Mu, even across the country ‪#‎MuMonday‬ ‪#‎phimu‬ * at New Orleans, Louisiana.

Marisha Kazi


"There's a difference between people who are good with you and good for you.. and Sapna happened to be one of the few people who not only always laughs, cries, sings, dances, and thinks with me, but is also someone who brings out the best in me, pushes me to work harder and be a better person. I knew I wanted her as my big when I came to that conclusion not long after we met." -Marisha K. On why she chose Phi Mu, she says "Coming into college, I knew the qualities I wanted to cultivate and eventually graduate with, but it was hard finding people who embodied almost all of those qualities. During recruitment I found that, collectively, the ladies of Phi Mu embodied these qualities and pushed each other to strive to be better people. I saw drive, tenacity, intelligence, benevolence, and love in all their interactions among themselves and with me and knew that joining this sisterhood would only help me become the person I want to be." Marisha is a junior, and outside of Phi Mu, she the Historian of the Undergraduate Indian Students Association, a research assistant in the Language and Cognition lab, a new EMT, and a teaching assistant. You are such a star and we are lucky to have you!

Amanda Kruszeski


"I chose Phi Mu because I saw how much passion our women had for everything they did. There were so many girls I looked up to as role models, and when I looked at Phi Mu I could see a group that both made me feel comfortable and that would encourage me to reach my full potential. The drive of my sisters is encouraging, and it never ceases to make me proud to be Phi Mu." Amanda is our social chair for Spring 2015, and she is eager to start planning events to facilitate bonding with other chapters! Outside of Phi Mu, Amanda serves as the SPOLY President and is a part of SpartanTHON. Amanda, you are a superstar and we are so lucky to have you! ‪#‎WhyYouPhiMu‬

Haley McAllister


"I chose Phi Mu because I found it to be a place that encouraged me to become a better person and grow individually while being supported by a group of women who shared the same values and challenged each other every day. When I first joined, Phi Mu saw in me things I had yet to see in myself, and I am so thankful that it was able to give me the confidence and love I needed to become the woman I am striving to be." ‪#‎WhyYouPhiMu‬ -Haley M. Haley, a senior, is currently our Sisterhood Development Chairman in Phi Mu. Outside of Phi Mu, she is the Director of Relay for Life 2015 and the Secretary for Habitat for Humanity. She is also super close to her Phi Mu phamily and says Snowball with the pham was a night she will never forget! Haley, you are so passionate about everything you do and we are so proud of you!