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Delta Omega Chapter | Case Western Reserve University

Executive Committee

Jessica Allman


I joined Phi Mu because I saw a group of women who I wanted to grow up to be. I saw role models and strong, passionate people that were also caring and kind. I couldn't wait to learn from and grow with the sisters that I already looked up to. I am so excited to lead the executive board and the chapter for the upcoming year. After serving on the past two exec boards as treasurer, I've seen our chapter grow as individual leaders and as a sisterhood and I want to continue that growth especially with our new members. I can't wait to work with the new board to continue to create positive change in our community.

Julie Oswald

Vice President of Development

Before recruitment, I hadn't even considered Phi Mu an option for me. For whatever reasons, I never had the chance to meet any Phi Mu's prior to recruitment. But one thing is clear - I had always heard so many great things about the women in the chapter, and always saw leaders and figures on campus proudly wearing Phi Mu letters. I found that alone extremely admirable and that was my only impression of our chapter until recruitment. After 4 days of deep, heartfelt, funny, sometimes sad conversations I had with sisters, I just knew. All of my prior expectations of what chapter I would end up at were left at the door, because I instantly knew where I was meant to be. It felt like I was talking to women I had known my whole life. Because we are all bonded by the same values that we hold very near and dear to our hearts - love, honor, truth. The sisterhood of Phi Mu is what drew me deeper and deeper into falling in love with the chapter, and now that I have the opportunity to develop, grow, and make our sisterhood even stronger, to say I am excited would be an understatement. I am so looking forward to my term as VPD and I cannot wait to see our sisters grow professionally, culturally, and personally in Phi Mu.

Sydney Gray

Vice President of Committees

I joined Phi Mu because of its sisters. We have so many different types of women that are all exceptional in the community- you can find best friends, role models, and so much more in this one organization. I also love that it is a place where we can share what we are passionate about, and foster those passions into something greater than ourselves. This is why I am excited to be on exec in this position: I want to help the sisters of Phi Mu find the place in the fraternity where they can do what they love and share it with the chapter. By being on Junior Exec or in a committee, each sister can contribute to the chapter in a unique way that highlights her strengths. I plan to facilitate this process so that sisters can get as much out of Phi Mu as they can!

Abbi Boruah

Academic Excellence Chair

I chose Phi Mu because the amazing women in it make me feel 100% comfortable to be myself every day and never fail to inspire me. I have found some of my biggest role models and best friends in this chapter, and constantly being surrounded by such a supportive sisterhood always motivates me to be the best I can be! I am so excited to be on Exec as Academic Excellence Chair because each of my sisters has their own unique passion and perspective, and I can't wait to learn from each and every one of them! I'm honored to help give my sisters all the resources, and support they need to succeed in their intellectual/personal goals and provide chances for them to learn from one another, so they can further grow as students, scholars, and individuals.

Sophie Neligan


I decided to join Phi Mu because each sister that I met during recruitment and before was so involved in the community, whether it be through volunteering, research, or leadership in different organizations. I also found that every sister was extremely passionate and dedicated to what they are involved in, which really inspired me. I found my role models in Phi Mu, as well as a way for me to become the best of myself. I am so excited about being on the executive board because I feel like I will be more involved, and have more of an opportunity to make a difference in the chapter. I also want to inspire future sisters to become more active leaders and stronger women in society. I can't wait to work so closely with the executive board to really make this chapter as strong as it can be.

Gabrielle Kiefer

Membership Director

I never thought I would be one to join a sorority, however, after meeting members of Phi Mu prior to recruitment, I figured I should give the Greek life scene a chance. During recruitment, I knew right away that who I am as a person, aligned scarily well with those of Phi Mu's. In joining Phi Mu, I knew that I would be provided a support system and access to life long opportunities that no other organization could provide. Membership director plays a large role in the outreach and recruitment of new members. This responsibility excites me, because I know that I can have a hand in creating the next generation of our chapter and can ensure that our chapter continues to be full of strong, drive, women who know how to have fun!

Elen Yeranosyan

Provisional Member Director

I joined Phi Mu because I saw all of these amazing women and each and every one is so individual and so inspiring I knew that I wanted these group of women as my role models! I am so excited to be the New Provisional Member Director because I hope that I can show all these incoming members how inspiring and how special all the sisters in Phi Mu are. I also hope that through the inspiration they will be motivated to make Phi Mu better than ever before!

Erin Buttars

Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention

I joined Phi Mu because it was clear to see that this was a group of women who were leaders, the kind of women do not let the world pass them by , but rather the ones that stand up, reach out, and make a difference. Phi Mu is an organization that leaves you better than how it found you and I have seen myself grow in so many ways over my few years in college and a large part of that is due to Phi Mu and the wonderful women I am proud to call my sisters. I am excited to serve on exec because I see it as an opportunity to grow, to learn and to interact with sisters on a deeper level. My position is new to Exec so this year will be a chance to develop the position and I look forward to establishing a strong Culture of Care within our chapter.